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Video Marketing in 2023

How will you implement your video marketing strategies in 2023?

Video marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years and is expected to increase exponentially. Here are a few video marketing trends to keep an eye on them:

Short video content

Short-form videos are becoming increasingly popular as platforms such as TikTok (number one downloaded App of 2021, according to Apple.) and Instagram Reels gain traction. Short movies, typically 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length, are an excellent method to capture attention quickly and are ideal for mobile watching.

Vertical video is here to stay

It is very likely that you are reading this from a mobile phone. Vertical video is growing more common as smartphone usage grows. This format is ideal for reaching a mobile-first audience because it is tailored for mobile screens. More than 75% of all videos are viewed on mobile devices.

User-Generated Content

Consumers trust user-generated content far more than branded stuff. In fact, 60% of customers believe user-generated content (UGC) is more real and trustworthy than brand content.


With the Metaverse boom, VR and AR are becoming more common and accessible, allowing for more immersive video experiences. These technologies can be utilized to generate interactive and compelling video content, giving firms a competitive advantage.

A solid marketing strategy for 2023 requires exceptional video content yet video to ensure long-term success.

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